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History Of Amscot Financial

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Many Americans living in Florida have every reason to thank Ian MacKechnie for the founder of Amscot Financial. His foundation brought up a company that has provided Americans with financial services since 1989.
The estimated customers served by this company is close to 3 million. Apart from providing financial services, it has been the top employer company in Tampa. Moreso, the company has supported community organizations in Florida, including Rescue Network, Children and the Consortium of Florida Education Foundation.
With its headquarters at Tampa, Florida, the company has many branches across Florida. If you need to pay bills and check to cash, then I would recommend you to consider the services offered by Amscot Financial in your area. Additionally, the company offers other services like prepaid access cards, free money orders, and prepaid access cards, notary services, fax services, postage, wire transfer, and ATMs services.

Seeing this interest in the market he chose to offer his pastry kitchen organization and began a little money check organization which was trademarked Amscot, whereby later he opened different branches.

Amscot Mission And Values

With it 29 years of existence, the company has evolved and grown but its main focus remains the same. The original focus of the company was to make a convenient life for customers who needed financial services. For the past years and currently, Amscot Financial has proven enough by the continued financial support and fulfillment of customer needs.

The company staff is friendly and professional, they ensure that customers receive positive experience on every visit. The company is driven by their simple yet a strong mission of providing convenient, accessible financial services to it customers through attractive location, treating others with dignity and respect and to contribute to communities where it does its business. The company mission is well complemented by its core values which include, energy, integrity, intelligence and ability to make it happen.

Career Building

Not only does the company provide the financial services, but also employs almost 2,000 associates to serve the growing number of customers. Individuals who have graduated, hard-working and motivated have an opportunity to join the company if they are interested in working for the company.

The company has been a career builder to many people living across the region of its operations and behold. Mainly the company focus on individuals with customer service, restaurant, and retail experience. If you are a resident of Florida and you possess one of the above then there could be a place for you to build your career at Amscot Financial.

The closest Amscot has been and will always be an equal opportunity employer. No wonder this company was named as one of America’s best midsize employer for 2017 by Forbes Magazine.

Nearby Amscot Facts And How It Can Benefit Other Finacial Business

The company plays a big role in protecting the environment. It does this by recycling material. The company recycles fluorescent bulbs so as to prevent mercury contamination in disposal streams. Another amazing fact about Amscot’s recycling efforts is that 956,748 gallons of water,51,200 gallons of oil and 6,000 trees were conserved in 2015.

Other than saving the environment, the company has saved other investors from losses. Dieng businesses are acquired by Amscot as it always looks for opportunities to expand its successful Money Superstore concept. If you are in Florida and you are interested in selling your check cashing or money services business then Amscot would be your best potential buyer.

How To Access Amscot Financial Near You?

With all that information, I know you might be interested to be associated with Amscot Financial. You can benefit from this company either as an Associate or a Customer. To reach the company customer service call 1-800-333-6130.

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