Tips On Picking The Closest Dog Friendly Cafe

Tips On Picking The Closest Dog Friendly Cafe

Just like man, man’s best friend – the dog, has to eat too. We love the way our dogs jump around when they see us, how they smell our shoes and how they are always looking at us with their innocent cute eyes. Our dogs know most, if not all of our companions who frequent the house, that is why if you have the feeling of going out to eat, it is a good idea to bring your canine along.
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Outdoor Sitting

Some coffee shops ban canines from being in the inside sitting area. They have some set outside patio area for the canine.


The fence of the patio ought to be high enough if you have a jumpy playful dog. I mean you do not want to stop enjoying your coffee and go chasing after your dog simply because it has seen a car and believes the car has promised it a bone if it ever catches it.


Dogs respond to music. Take your dog to a cafe that plays reasonable music volume unless you fit it with noise cancelling earphones, then you can try the noisy cafe that play the loudest music.

Professional Employees

Employees who work in dog coffee chops should have minimal interactions with dogs since they are meant to be handling food for the most part of their job. But if there is a specific who has been assigned to check on the condition of the four legged man’s BFF, he should be able to treat them with passion and show exemplary professional handling skills (dog-friendly).

Dog Food Availability

Imagine going to a cafe and then there is no dog food available. Sounds odd right? Cafes should be having dog food stock for the furry patrons to enjoy preferably served in a bowl.

A Place Set Aside For Dog Waste

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. Believe me, dog waste smells awful. The cafes you pick should have a place for storing the waste after cleaning, alongside a place for permanent disposal later. Nobody is willing to see dog’s waste while enjoying his libation or tolerate the smell associated with it. Settle on a cafe that makes it hard for you to believe allows for dogs in their compound.

Get To Know The Breed That Is Allowed

Let’s face it, at some point we have seen a dog that we thought was not cute at all perhaps because of its behavior or maybe looks. Some dog breeds are not allowed in certain cafe. Making a pre-visit to a cafe and inquiring if they allow your dog breed, can save you the hustle of moving around with your dog searching for a cafe that allows your breed. Also you can inquire about the breeds that are normally brought in the cafe and get to know if your dog will interact with them well enough.


Man’s best friend also needs to be treated with utmost compassion. They do get tired of the daily house environment with a set routine and they do need to break that boredom once in a while. Taking your dog to a nearby dog friendly coffee shop will just help in strengthening that rapport that you enjoy with it. Use our location finder to find these not far away cafes.