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Here Are Gas Stations That Sell E85 Close To You

The use of flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) is on the rise as consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the harmful effects of gasoline. Unlike gasoline, FFVs use a blended fuel called E85. E85 being environment-friendly is naturally the first choice for the conscious citizen, but it has some drawbacks as well. However, given the rise in its use and the general push by automotive companies towards a more sustainable future, E85 gas stations have started coming up in different pockets of the world. Here is everything about E85 gas stations that you need to know.

Primer On E85

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This alternative fuel is based primarily on ethanol. The ethanol content usually varies between 51 percent to 83 percent, with the remaining part of the fuel being gasoline. The disadvantage of using this blended fuel is that it has lesser power than fuel comprising a hundred percent gasoline. Higher the ethanol content, lessen the power and mileage.

Presence Of The Nearest E85 Gas Stations

The largest number of gas stations providing automobile users with ethanol-blended gasoline is in the United States. Other regions where such gas stations have begun to make their presence felt are Australia, Western Europe, The Caribbeans, Brazil, China, and Thailand. In the U.S. and Canada belt alone, the number of flex fuel gas stations is greater than 3000, with more coming up as the FFV sales rise.

Equipment Used In E85 Gas Stations

Some of the equipment used in the closest E85 gas stations are different than those used in regular gas stations. For example, an E85 blender pump is a must in a gas station that provides this alternative fuel. This kind of pump is used to blend the gasoline and the ethanol in the right proportions. A standard gas station in the United States has blending equipment that has to conform with E10 or higher. Additionally, tanks (both underground and above-ground) should be compatible with E85 to E100 blends.

Code Compliance Of Flex Fuel Gas Stations

As per the rules of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all gas stations selling ethanol blends must have testing laboratory certifications to prove that their underground tanks support blends greater than E10. Additionally, at the dispensing unit, the hose used for fueling should be in accordance with the EPA guidelines. Proper labeling of the blend of fuel at the dispensing units is also a must at these gas stations.

How To Buy E85 Gas

The primary job of an FFV owner is to locate an E85 gas station nearby. With new gas stations coming up constantly, it should not be much of a hassle these days. As to what blend to purchase, well, that depends on how far the driver wants to go. FFVs have engines that are flexible enough to be driven with a hundred percent gasoline, or any blend of ethanol and gasoline. As mentioned previously, there is a certain bit of sacrifice in terms of mileage and power when using E85, hence the choice of the fuel really depends on whether a person is driving on the highway, driving long roads often, or just sticking to short city rides.

E85 Near You Is The Future

Alternative fuel is clearly paving its way towards more acceptance and is looked upon as the way of the future. The sheer number of new E85 gas stations in your area, also backed by government funding, is proof of that. With even more car owners adapting to the beneficial characteristics of E85, gasoline usage might drastically reduce in the years to come.
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