Why Hiring A DWI Lawyer Binghamton NY Is Important In A Case

DWI lawyer

DWI is the abbreviation for driving while intoxicated. It refers to that specialized field of practicing law wherein a lawyer mainly deals with DWI cases. Binghamton, New York, in particular, takes their DWI laws and charges seriously. When you are caught with this charge, it is to your advantage if you hire a lawyer to help you out. This article gives you all the reasons why, and so much more.

  1. A DWI lawyer can give you the best legal opinion and advice on your case.

A DWI lawyer, such as the attorneys from https://www.dwiguy.com/binghamton-dwi-lawyer/, has years of experience on their belt that you don’t have. Often, it may seem difficult for you to have an assessment of the circumstances and details of your case, simply because you do not have legal expertise. Each DWI charge is unique from one another, and it is best to have an overall picture in toto, rather than look at the case from the outset. With your DWI lawyer, you can have the best and most accurate legal opinion and advice regarding your case. Remember that this is very important to establish for the very reason that without a strong foundational legal opinion, your lawsuit will only end up as a terrible mess.

  1. A DWI lawyer can adequately negotiate a plea bargain for you.

In some cases, you might not be as lucky because the evidence against you can already be very strong. When this happens, it can be difficult to dispute the charge or prove that you aren’t at fault. In the following circumstances, a guilty charge is certain because of a heavyweight of evidence:

  • Proof of drunkenness by a police officer
  • High blood alcohol content

When you are indeed guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, however, there is still a way for you to lower your charge possibly. How so? With plea bargaining. This allows you to bargain for a lower penalty, which can be done effectively through the help of a DWI lawyer. It is only through a DWI lawyer that proper negotiations for a plea bargain can be done.

  1. A DWI lawyer is needed when you go into trial.

When you go to court, you will surely need a DWI lawyer. You cannot go to court for a trial without being represented by a competent lawyer. Although this isn’t a mandatory requirement since you are allowed to represent yourself in court when you have a DWI charge, you are still at a disadvantage if you attempt to do this all by yourself.

Keep in mind the fundamental fact that these DWI lawyers have years of experience that you don’t. They know the details of the law that you don’t, and they know the procedural aspects as well. To help get the best settlement out of your DWI charge, it is better to trust expert lawyers with the technicalities of your case.

  1. A DWI lawyer can help prepare the best defense for you.

When you have a case, there are always two sides to the story. For as long as there is no judgment yet that is beyond a reasonable doubt, this still allows you to fight for your legal rights. Without an expert DWI lawyer, you might be putting up the wrong defenses, or even putting up none at all. This mistake only puts you at a dire disadvantage when a case is filed against you, wherein your side of the story won’t be heard properly.

For instance, despite having positive and strong evidence against you during a field sobriety test, you can still have a fighting chance by ascertaining possible mistakes in the procedural aspect of your arrest, which is also a good defense on your part. Without a DWI lawyer, do you think you can do this efficiently and correctly? Perhaps not.

  1. A DWI lawyer can help draft the right pleadings for you.

When your case goes to trial, a pleading is a requirement. It is through a pleading that the substance of your case, the details, and the circumstances are adequately alleged. Any other lawyer can very well do this for you, but the possible downside to this is that this lawyer might not be up-to-date with the requisites of the tests done for DWI charges. Examples of these tests include:

  • Sobriety checkpoints
  • Blood draws
  • Breath tests
  • Field sobriety tests

no driving after drinking

When you are dealing with a lawyer that doesn’t specialize in DWI charges, they might not know the changes in the laws and other new technology with DWI charges that can positively help you with your case.


In closing, it is worth knowing that DWI lawyers usually charge on a contingency fee basis. This means that they will only charge you a certain percentage upon final settlement of the case. Hence, you will not have to worry about the added costs. When they are charged, others opt not to have a DWI lawyer help them out. But with all these reasons mentioned, and many more, hiring a DWI lawyer in Binghamton is to your benefit.