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The Woodforest bank is a private bank, that has several retail partners and corporations. The bank has its headquarters in the Woodlands, Texas. Having various branches in the United States, it offers the second chance checking accounts for consumers as well as second chance account for businesses.

woodforest bank photoIn 2013, Woodforest introduced the merchant services device known as Cell It. The device can be attached to a cellular phone. In the same year, Woodforest achieves global money transfer services at the nearest Woodforest national bank locations. Global money transfer comes as a result of their deal with Western Union.

Products And Services

While it offers most of the banking operations such as checking, savings, loans, and deposit interest rates, other services have seen the success of the bank. For instance cash management, investments and insurance services, Merchant services, federal tax payment, and credit cards.

Woodforest in your area ensures the availability of services to their customers at any time either day or night. As they illustrate their motto “Banking your way…Everyday and Night”, the branches are well distributed in many states. This brings their services closer to the customers and conveniently at any time.

Online Banking

Considering their 24-hour services provision, Woodforest near you also offers online banking services. With this, the customers can access accounts from the convenience of their home, workplace, or anywhere having an internet connection. During registration, a new customer will receive an email notification that has the online services enrolment token.

Thereafter, they use the token in order to get through the online enrolment process. Contrarily, existing customers and enroll by providing their account or debit card number. The online service and all time availability of services have shown their unique and unbeatable business strategy. Further, they seem to be customer oriented by investing in technology by introducing their mobile banking app.

Features Of Online Woodforest Banking Service

Email Notifications

This feature sends daily statements to the customers. Information sent through email notification includes account warnings, balance status with details about whether too high or too low.

Account Alerts

Notifications through email if given conditions are met. For instance, setting alerts for a debit card, transactions, or balance alert.

Money Transfers And Bill Payment

Through online services, sending money to one or more accounts is faster and easier. There is no need for a check or paperwork. However, you only specify the recipient and the amount to send. Additionally, recurring and future transfers can be set for easier and faster fund transfer.


Having in mind that the financial data and finances of the customers need to be safe. Woodforest ensures stiff security measures. For example, automatic security alerts are sent through email notifications if various activities occur in an account. Consider the change of passwords, email address, phone number or adding new payee data.

Such actions trigger a security message to the user account. The measures ensure the individual owner has control of their own account and reduce security issues. Furthermore, the Service center enables a user to edit personal details, stop a certain payment, or check copy. Also, they can manage their electronic notifications.

According to Woodforest bank nearby, the email notifications management option will soon be available. The feature will enable the selection of only the activities that need to be sent as email alerts.


With over 750 branches, the closest Woodforest is committed to earning customers as well as their loyalty. Evidently, their high level of customer service, as well as the competitive products and services have ensured their success all over the 17 states in the United States.

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